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Michel Barnier warns of 'serious consequences' if the UK fails to reach a Brexit deal with the EU

Michel Brenier said there could be truck queues at Dover if no deal is reached. Photograph: Carl Court/Getty

TRUCK queues at Dover and “disruption” to air traffic were scenarios set out by the EU’s chief negotiator yesterday as he warned of “serious consequences for everyone” if Britain and the EU fail to reach a Brexit deal.

12:00am Thursday 23 March 2017

Letters I: A different paper might help convert readers from No to Yes

An article in The National may inspire someone to think again

ALTHOUGH the official starting gun has yet to be fired on this new momentous campaign, we all know that persuading those who voted No is our mission. In this regard I enlist the help of The National. I never throw it away after reading it, I always…

12:00am Tuesday 21 March 2017

John Major launches fresh attack on 'undemocratic and totally un-British' ultra Brexiteers

The former Prime Minister urged those in favour of a hard Brexit to 'stop shouting down anyone with an opposing view'

FORMER Prime Minister John Major has compared extreme Brexiteers to right-wing football hooligans in an extraordinary attack on those in his own party who want a hard Brexit.

12:00am Monday 20 March 2017

Boris Johnson tells those criticising Brexit to "Come off it, sunshine."

Photo credit: Victoria Jones/PA Wire

BORIS Johnson outlined his message for those "moaning and droning" about Brexit yesterday, telling a major conference: "Come off it, sunshine."

4:13pm Tuesday 28 February 2017

Tory ministers at odds on dangers of exiting the EU with no deal

Brexit Secretary David Davis told the BBC contingency plans were being worked on

A FUNDAMENTAL disagreement at the heart of the Tory Cabinet about the impact on the UK of crashing out of the EU without a deal has emerged just days before Article 50 is expected to be triggered.

12:00am Monday 13 March 2017

Ask Angry: Politics is not a game ... except when PM’s playing Pop-Up Pirate

Angry leapt into the air with his pink beret earlier this week, much like Pop Up Pirate does

What are your views on #ScotRef? — Tim, Paisley UPON the announcement of indyref2, my first reaction was “This is what happens when the English beat us at rugby”.

12:00am Thursday 16 March 2017

Kevin McKenna: In what alternative world of certainty do the Unionists think we’re living?

Labour supporters who back independence must find Kezia Dugdale’s stance depressing and painful

UNIONIST responses to Nicola Sturgeon’s intention to seek a second independence referendum have ranged from the predictable to the nonsensical.

12:00am Wednesday 15 March 2017

Alyn Smith: We’ve tried to negotiate on Brexit ... now it’s time to save ourselves

MEP Alyn Smith predicts that Brexit is 'going to go really badly'

TO hell with this nonsense. I thought the UK could be saved from itself, but even I have to accept that it’s now a ship speeding towards the rocks and they’re not changing course. Since the EU Referendum on June 23 it has been a daily struggle to…

12:00am Tuesday 14 March 2017

Letters: We’ll lend a hand when rUK struggles after Brexit

'We've given the UK everything, from troops to television to tennis champions'

THE mainstream media have been focusing on two themes of late. First, the UK having little or no difficulty in negotiating satisfactory trade deals with the countries of the EU after Brexit and, conversely, how Scotland’s cross-border trade with the…

12:00am Tuesday 14 March 2017

Letters I: Lost in translation? What May really means

One of our readers has handily translated excerpts of Theresa May's Scottish Conservatives conference speech

I UNDERSTAND Mrs May has been up from England talking to the Scots. Well, we’re all aware of the difficulties of mutual understanding between the English and Scots leids, with the English often requiring subtitles for Scots speech. As an Irish…

12:00am Monday 6 March 2017
Stories 1 to 10 of 364
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