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SNP manifesto to exploit Tory wobble over ‘disgraceful’ policies

SNP manifesto to exploit Tory wobble over ‘disgraceful’ policies

NICOLA Sturgeon will ask voters to help her put at and end to Tory cuts when she launches her party’s manifesto tomorrow.

12:00am Monday 22 May 2017

Alex Salmond: Trump's mini-me Boris Johnson needs to learn to say no to the US over Syria

Boris Johnson

BORIS Johnson needs to learn to say no to Donald Trump, former First Minister Alex Salmond has claimed.

12:00am Friday 28 April 2017

Ask Angry: Don’t stoop so low as to vote for Tory nastiness

Ruth Davidson on a mobility scooter in a controversial photo op

The National's Agony Uncle answers YOUR problems

12:00am Thursday 27 April 2017

Banking giant JP Morgan buys new Dublin base as it prepares for Brexit

JP Morgan has said it will move up to 1000 jobs out of its European headquarters in London's Canary Wharf

US banking giant JP Morgan has snapped up an office building in Dublin with the capacity to house 1000 staff as it ramps up its Brexit contingency planning.

12:00am Tuesday 16 May 2017

Pat Kane: UK plc is battening down all its assets as multiple Brexit storms gather

Theresa May insists the UK will ‘stand tall in the world once again’

‘I BELIEVE we can build a more secure and united nation by taking action against the extremists who seek to divide us, and standing up to the separatists who wish to tear our country apart.”

12:00am Saturday 6 May 2017

Wee Ginger Dug: It's bloody easy to see that Theresa May is putting her country last

While the TV news focuses on Prince Philip's retirement, the Prime Minister is ensuring the UK will crash out of the EU

THIS week the United Kingdom has left us in no doubt that it’s making its final descent into a crazed, delusional la-la-land. Last weekend there was a leak in a German newspaper of details of Theresa May’s disastrous meeting with Jean-Claude…

12:00am Saturday 6 May 2017

Letters I: Trojan horse Theresa May hides her party’s real plans

Stage-managed: Theresa May's General Election campaign

GIVEN Theresa May is clearly being stage-managed through this election – even the calling of which was undoubtedly not her decision, but of those who are pulling her strings – wouldn’t this explain her massive U-turn on the subject?

12:00am Thursday 4 May 2017

Kevin McKenna: Once again, the BBC rode to May's rescue over the Black Dinner

For the Mad Hatter, time is stuck at 6pm. Brexiteers are stuck in the middle of the 18th century

NOT for the first time during this election, the BBC yesterday attempted to ride to the aid of Theresa May. During yesterday’s breakfast news programme, one of their senior political reporters was asked to shed some light upon that dinner date with…

12:00am Wednesday 3 May 2017

Opinion: Sport needs switched on councillors

Musselburgh racecourse is facing an uncertain future

Our elected officials must pay heed to our needs

12:00am Tuesday 2 May 2017

Letters I: Banning private firms from assessing benefits claimants is a huge step forward

Minister for Social Security Jeane Freeman announced the Scottish Government's stance

THE headline “A proud day for Scotland: private sector firms banned from our new social security system” (The National, April 28) was very welcome and puts Scotland on the road to the kind of country that we should all want to live in.

12:00am Saturday 29 April 2017
Stories 1 to 10 of 391
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