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George Kerevan: The dog-whistle campaigning of Lynton Crosby shows a weak Tory leader

Election strategist Lynton Crosby was knighted by David Cameron for his work on the 2015 General Election campaign

STRONG, stable leadership? I know you are already sick of the Tory mantra for this General Election. This vacuous phrase bears the fingerprints of Lynton Crosby (aka the “Wizard of Oz”), the Australian election strategist appointed to run the…

12:00am Monday 1 May 2017

SNP adviser Miriam Brett to stand against Alistair Carmichael for Orkney and Shetland

Miriam Brett has pledged to oppose Tory austerity if elected

SHE is a 25-year-old Shetlander and senior economic adviser to the SNP’s Westminster group, who is having her first crack at a parliamentary seat; he is a 51-year-old one-time Scottish Secretary who, in court, was branded a liar for his role in the…

12:00am Monday 1 May 2017

Letters II: The state pension is just one of many contributory benefits

Theresa May has refused to guarantee the future of the 'triple lock' on pensions

JIM Taylor’s response to my letter is, like all his letters, informative and thought-provoking (Letters, The National, April 29). But I have to take issue with him once again over his argument that, because of its historical contractual basis,…

12:00am Monday 1 May 2017

Conservative MP Andrew Turner standing down after report he told students homosexuality was 'dangerous to society'

Andrew Turner will stand down as MP for Isle of Wight having represented it for 16 years

CONSERVATIVE MP Andrew Turner has announced he will not be standing at the General Election after he was reported to have told a group of A-Level students that homosexuality is “wrong” and “dangerous to society”.

12:00am Saturday 29 April 2017

Going Local: All change in Stirling as leaders of Labour-Conservative partnership bow out

The Boundary Commission has ruled Stirling Council should increase in size from 22 to 23 seats based on population and deprivation

IT IS impossible to talk about Stirling without boasting about its incredible history, rich with legends and events that have shaped Scotland’s narrative, as it is where William Wallace fought and won the battle of Stirling Bridge in 1297 against…

12:00am Tuesday 25 April 2017

Michael Fry: Voting Tory in the General Election will consign Scotland to the sticks

The Tory Party will always choose England's interests over Scotland's

DON’T be part of the 33 per cent! That is my message to all those who, like me, are of a conservative disposition but in the last ten or 20 years have got out of the habit of voting Tory.

12:00am Tuesday 25 April 2017

Pensions aren't safe under the Tories – Theresa May refuses to back triple lock after being put on the spot at PMQs

Theresa May said pensioners were better off now under the Tories

THERESA May has refused to guarantee that the “triple lock” on pensions will continue after being pressed on the matter by Angus Robertson in the final session of Prime Minister’s Questions before the snap General Election.

12:00am Thursday 27 April 2017

Going Local: Change is afoot in Midlothian, an area that used to be a Labour heartland

Dalkeith Country Park is in a ward that was once firmly Labour but could now be switching its allegiance to the Tories

AN area that was once a Labour heartland, Midlothian is seeing something of a weird phenomenon in the run-up to the local government election in that more than a few people spoken to in that most scientific of polls, The National’s vox pop on the…

12:00am Thursday 27 April 2017

Letters II: Shameless display as May stands by her expenses probe MPs

Paying the fine: Theresa May

I HAVE to confess I have been very shocked by the failure of most mainstream media to address the question of the Conservative Party’s alleged election expenses misdemeanours (I am being rather cautious as I cannot afford an costly legal challenge!)…

12:00am Tuesday 25 April 2017

Letters II: Nationalism for many is not the motive for supporting the SNP

Undemocratic and shameful: Food banks

I AM not a nationalist but I support independence and therefore vote SNP. Why?

12:00am Friday 28 April 2017
Stories 1 to 10 of 1,679
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