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Letters: Ruth Davidson telling Nicola Sturgeon to ‘sit down!’ was disgraceful

Aggressive, truculent and  Thatcher-like? Ruth Davidson’s manner during the Section 30 debate. Photograph: Getty Images

I WATCHED part of the historic debate in Holyrood regarding indyref2, and two points struck me. The first was Ruth Davidson’s disgraceful and patronising “sit down!” comment to Nicola Sturgeon (who is incidentally the First Minister…

12:00am Thursday 30 March 2017

Angry Salmond: Peaceful indy the perfect brew

Nathaniel Currier's lithograph showing tea being destroyed at Boston harbour

Can Scotland declare independence, like the USA did? - @JulieAir1

12:00am Thursday 30 March 2017

Better Together set to be rebranded as New Direction

It is believed that Alistair Darling does not want a prominent role this time. Photograph: Gordon Terris

ARE Better Together set to to rebrand as New Direction?

12:00am Wednesday 29 March 2017

James Kelly: Would replacing the regional lists with a national version affect the result for pro-independence parties?

Photo by Jamie Simpson/Herald & Times

THE Additional Member voting system used to elect the Scottish Parliament is sometimes characterised as a “semi-proportional” system, implying that only the 56 list seats are elected proportionally. That’s highly misleading, because the basic…

3:56pm Monday 27 March 2017

Letters II: Unionism can mean different things to different Unionists

Nationalists should focus on pressing Unionists on what kind of Union they want

THE comment piece by economist Mark Littlewood was an interesting one (Nationalists need economic answers for indyref2 The National, March 24).

12:00am Saturday 25 March 2017

Nicola Sturgeon: The people of Scotland must choose own fate and not have it imposed upon them

Nicola Sturgeon addressed Parliament during the first day of a two-day debate on a second independence referendum Photographs:  Jeff J Mitchell/Getty

THE people of Scotland should not have their fates “imposed upon” them, Nicola Sturgeon has told MSPs.

12:00am Wednesday 22 March 2017

Letters I: A different paper might help convert readers from No to Yes

An article in The National may inspire someone to think again

ALTHOUGH the official starting gun has yet to be fired on this new momentous campaign, we all know that persuading those who voted No is our mission. In this regard I enlist the help of The National. I never throw it away after reading it, I always…

12:00am Tuesday 21 March 2017

Mhairi Black: Nobody said we wanted a referendum right now

Even the latest intervention by Theresa May won’t dampen the increasing demand for a referendum

THE one topic on everyone’s lips this week was the First Minister’s statement on a future referendum on Scottish independence. We have to face up to the stark choice that we will be facing very soon: stay within the UK and be dragged out of the…

12:00am Saturday 18 March 2017

Unionists line up to condemn ScotRef as 'divisive', 'preposterous' and 'unwanted'

Ruth Davidson said that Scots Tories would oppose Section 30 request in Holyrood

AMONG the predictably hostile words used by Unionists to respond to Nicola Sturgeon's indyref2 announcement were “divisive”, “preposterous” and “unwanted”.

12:00am Tuesday 14 March 2017

Willie Rennie to tell LibDem conference that the Union should be cherished, not 'trashed'

Scottish LibDem                          leader Willie Rennie will speak at the party conference in Perth

WILLIE Rennie is expected to use his speech at the Scottish Liberal Democrat conference today to say that the next referendum on Scottish independence should be fought on “ideas and values, not identities and flags.”

12:00am Saturday 11 March 2017
Stories 1 to 10 of 309
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