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Wee Ginger Dug: The SNP are not obsessed enough with indyref2 for Tory liking

An increasingly single-issue Tory party’s campaign poster

THE Tories are upset and annoyed. Admittedly, pointing out that the Tories are upset and annoyed isn’t exactly telling anyone anything that they didn’t know. When you’re able to work yourself up into paroxysms of outrage over Gaelic road signs,…

12:00am Saturday 29 April 2017

Letters II: Tories have attacked the disabled and the poor – pensioners are next

Theresa May has let questions about the triple lock on pensions go unanswered

THE statements of Ms Merkel should be digested by the Brexiteers very carefully (Merkel: UK is ‘deluded’ over future Brexit negotiations, The National, April 28). Did no one really look into the repercussions that a UK exit would have before…

12:00am Saturday 29 April 2017

Review of Scottish legal services is criticised by campaigner

Legal affairs minister Annabelle Ewing appointed the review panel

Legal affairs minister Annabelle Ewing

12:00am Saturday 29 April 2017

Weekend TV Preview, April 29: Doctor Who and The BBC At War

The Doctor and Bill arrive in London to find some classic scary movie tropes

DOCTOR WHO, BBC1, 7.20pm

12:00am Saturday 29 April 2017

Going Local: Labour accused of 'not even trying' to keep control of South Lanarkshire

New Lanark, the former cotton mill village, is among South Lanarkshire’s prime tourist attractions

LABOUR and the SNP are at loggerheads over the number of candidates being fielded for next week’s local election in South Lanarkshire, with Labour being accused of “not even trying” to win control of the authority before a single vote has even…

12:00am Saturday 29 April 2017

Letters I: Large SNP majority can benefit the Green Party

The Scottish Greens have been warned that they risk splitting the pro-independence vote in marginal seats

WHILE I find much of the Green Party’s principles and aims very much in tune with my own thinking, as a party with the long-term goal of building a cleaner and more sustainable world, I do hope that, in the Theresa May power-grab election, Green Party…

12:00am Thursday 27 April 2017

Letters II: Shameless display as May stands by her expenses probe MPs

Paying the fine: Theresa May

I HAVE to confess I have been very shocked by the failure of most mainstream media to address the question of the Conservative Party’s alleged election expenses misdemeanours (I am being rather cautious as I cannot afford an costly legal challenge!)…

12:00am Tuesday 25 April 2017

Pensions aren't safe under the Tories – Theresa May refuses to back triple lock after being put on the spot at PMQs

Theresa May said pensioners were better off now under the Tories

THERESA May has refused to guarantee that the “triple lock” on pensions will continue after being pressed on the matter by Angus Robertson in the final session of Prime Minister’s Questions before the snap General Election.

12:00am Thursday 27 April 2017

Going Local: New party emerges to carry on the left-wing tradition in West Dunbartonshire

West Dunbartonshire was one of the four areas in Scotland that voted Yes in the 2014 referendum

PART of it was once known as Little Moscow when it was one of the first areas in the UK to elect a communist councillor, and now West Dunbartonshire is seeing the first foray onto the ballot paper of Scotland’s newest leftist political party.

12:00am Wednesday 26 April 2017

Gordon MacIntrye-Kemp: Forget tax cuts, I say we pay the poor to have more children

Denmark, Sweden and Germany have all introduced schemes to help low income families with childcare. Photograph: Getty

THE Conservatives seem to have forgotten one of the golden rules of politics: “never put yourself on the wrong side of an ethical decision”. Gordon Brown opposing the rights of former Gurkhas seeking the right to live in Britain comes to mind.…

12:00am Friday 28 April 2017
Stories 1 to 10 of 1,070
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