MAX Whitlock is determined to continue pushing the boundaries of his sport after becoming the first Briton to defend a world gymnastics title in Montreal on Saturday.

The 24-year-old delivered a peerless performance in the men’s final, scoring 15.441 to comfortably eclipse both his own score in qualification and the 15.100 of silver medallist David Belyavskiy.

But Whitlock, who had become the first British man to win a world crown in Glasgow in 2015, insisted he will never take his dominance for granted and will seek new ways to increase the distance between himself and his rivals.

Whitlock said: “I still feel like I’ve got a lot more I can give. I don’t know when I’ll be fully content, but one day when I feel like I’ve hit my limit I’ll be happy.

“If I look back at that routine, I can see quite a lot of places where I can improve on it and make it neater and cleaner. I just need to go straight back and work on the finer details.”

Next on the agenda is the quest to nail his own new element, the “Whitlock”, which should further increase his scoring potential and distance himself from competitors.

Whitlock added: “I need to go back and work on the Whitlock which could increase my start-score by another two or three tenths.

“I always want to learn and get better and I’m going to keep pushing. I love training and competing, so there’s no reason why I would stop or be content. It’s not a question of how many medals or fame or anything like that. Every time I win a medal like this it just provides a huge new motivation to push things even further.”