COULD President Trump be a reader of The National?

We ask because the president has finally agreed with this newspaper’s definitive account of his mother’s immigration from Scotland to New York.

Our journalist Martin Hannan and photographer Deb Armstrong travelled to Lewis in May, 2016 and in contrast to the Trump family “official” and BBC versions, found documentary proof that Trump’s mother, Mary Anne MacLeod, did not meet his father Fred on holiday in New York but was a poor immigrant.

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The National showed that she arrived from Glasgow aboard the three-funnelled ship the Transylvania on May 11, 1930 – the day after her 18th birthday – with just $50, and immediately began work as a domestic servant.

The truth that his mother was poor immigrant coming to work as a domestic did not play well with Trump’s anti-immigrant stance in the election campaign, and contradicted the “holiday” story. Our story was followed up by many newspapers and the New Yorker magazine – maybe the president read it too.

The National:

Last weekend, before Trump headed to Helsinki to meet with Vladimir Putin, he spoke at his Turnberry golf club with CBS Evening News anchor Jeff Glor.

This is the conversation:

GLOR: “Your mother got on a ship in 1930.”

TRUMP: “That’s right.”

GLOR: “The Transylvania.”

TRUMP: “That’s right.”

GLOR: “From Glasgow.”

TRUMP: “Very young. Very young. And she met my father. She was 18, maybe 19, and she met my father. And they were married, very happily, for many decades. Very good marriage.”

GLOR: “So what is it about Scotland? What – what is it that brings you back here?”

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TRUMP: “Well, when your mother’s born in a certain place, and I had a great mother, a beautiful, wonderful mother a tremendous heart, and she loved Scotland. And so, you know, you feel differently than you perhaps would if that didn’t take place.”

True to his ambivalence with facts, Trump then proceeded to say that his father was from Germany. In fact Fred Trump was a New Yorker born and bred. It was Trump’s grandfather Friedrich Trumpf who was from Germany though he used to claim he was Swedish in order to avoid upsetting Jews in New York.