DONALD Trump expressed his gratitude to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un “for keeping your word” on the return of the remains of dozens of presumed war dead to the United States.

The US military believes the bones are those of American servicemen and potentially servicemen from other United Nations member countries who fought alongside the US on behalf of South Korea during the Korean War.

A US military plane made a rare trip into North Korea last week to retrieve the 55 cases. They were brought to Hawaii, where a ceremony was held before the flag-draped containers carrying remains were taken off the planes.

Trump has also said he is looking forward to meeting North Korea’s leader again soon after receiving a “nice letter” from Kim.

White House official Sarah Sanders said the correspondence is “aimed at following up on their meeting in Singapore” and “advancing the commitments made” during the talks.

The letter comes amid concerns over North Korea’s commitment to denuclearisation.